Since childhood we are advised to have milk and eggs daily. Doctors, in particular dentist always advised to have calcium rich foods every day. Typically women are recommended to include good amount of calcium in their daily diet. You must be wondering why so much of hype is created around calcium. Well the reason is that the large numbers of advantages are associated with calcium. Calcium is the mineral that is most abundant in the human body. In the body of an average adult the quantity of the calcium is 2 to 3 pounds, with about 99% in the bones and teeth and the remaining 1% is found in blood and cells. Below are some major health benefits of calcium.

Strengthen up bones and teeth: About 99% of the calcium is found in the bones and teeth, therefore calcium is highly important for bones and teeth. Right from the birth of the baby to the teenage and from adulthood to old age, it is advised to have proper intake of calcium for proper growth. Similarly, calcium is required for maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. The lack of calcium can lead to the problems like arthritis and osteoporosis. The interesting fact about calcium is that the calcium maintains proper weight. If one has proper intake of calcium in their diet than body does not release parathyroid hormone which therefore prevents fat production.  

Control blood pressure: Calcium helps effectively in controlling blood pressure. It also helps in muscle contraction thereby allowing blood and heart vessels to function effectively. In studies, it has found that the women who take adequate calcium products during their pregnancy give birth to children with healthier blood pressure level. The proper intake of calcium also prevents hypertension.

Prevents Kidney Stones:  The proper intake of calcium prevents kidney stones in the body. Actually, kidney stones are crystallized deposits of calcium and other minerals in the human urinary tract. The oxalate stones are the most common form of kidney stones. Earlier it was thought that formation of kidney stones was due to high calcium intake but later on the studies shown that the proper intake of calcium decreases the formation of kidney stones. The calcium present in the water results in kidney stones. The oxalate consumption is high from the green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Reduced fluid consumption is also a major factor of kidney stones.

The other major advantages of calcium are that it prevents premenstrual depression and blues and also prevents colon cancer. It is extremely helpful in maintaining good health of hairs and nails.

The calcium supplements should be taken with the prescription and consultation of doctor. According to Nutrition Formulators Inc. the average intake of calcium for adult men and women should be 1200mg. NFI are the leading manufacturers of health supplements and have been serving world for more than 15 years.