Miramar, FL. July 31, 2015. Amino acids stave off exhaustion and increase endurance, besides helping the body recover quickly from protein degradation after workout, shows a recent finding by Nutrition Formulators’ researchers. The results will be published in a medical journal shortly.


The study was carried out on a group of male endurance athletes aged between 20 and 27. The group of 12 was put through several endurance trials in the research center of Nutrition Formulators’ Florida Lab. The men had been in the lab two times before the trials for the collection of baseline data. Researchers collected essential information: height, weight, food logs, urine analysis results, and an overview of the body-water ratio. They also looked at the athletes’ VO2peak; the highest volume of oxygen a person can use during a workout session.


After the collection of this data, the athletes were made to run on a treadmill; first at 75 percent of VO2peak and then at 90 percent of VO2peak. The researchers measured the sweat produced after each session. In the first trial, the sweat collected had zero hydration; for experimental purposes. In the later trials, the researchers gave athletes different beverages—Gatorade from Pepsi and Sustamine from Kyowa—and measured the results again.


They found that a Sutamine is more effective in increasing or prolonging the time of exhaustion than Gatorade. The difference was of 12 percent. One of the researchers summed up the results like this: “Although a percent improve may not seem significant, it can be the difference between a win and a loss in a highly competitive endurance evening.”


Now the contact department to Nutrition Formulators has sprung into action. They will educate their clients and athletes on the benefits of rehydration stemming from amino-acid rich products.

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