Miramar, Florida. August 26, 2015. Antioxidants keep free radicals in check, thereby improving overall health. These are the results of a newly published study by Florida-based supplements manufacturer, Nutrition Formulators’. The results can be viewed online or by subscribed to the company’s journal.


Free radicals are produced every time you encounter stress, breath, metabolize food, and exercise. Like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, free radicals have two faces. They are both toxic and beneficial. A delicate balance has to be maintained keep the good side up and bad side at bay.


“Free radicals are all about balance,” said Nutrition Formulators’ senior research assistance. “You will get oxidative stress, aging, and symptoms of certain diseases if there are too many of them. And if there are too few free radicals going around, your body will have a trouble managing its normal processes.”


What is interesting here is that even though few customers understand the inner workings of antioxidants, many are aware that they are healthy. According to Nutrition Formulators’ research division, as many as 51 percent adults in theU.S.are actively trying to get antioxidants.


“Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the connection between free radicals and health,” said Nutrition Formulators’ Product Development Manager Yenny Bencomo. “Now many of them realize that antioxidant supplements can lead to improved health outcomes.”


For all the advantages of antioxidants, they can not be a panacea if they are not formulated correctly into products. The whole purpose of taking antioxidants is to neutralize free radicals. But inefficient processing can get in the way.


“Formulation has a big impact on the efficacy of an antioxidant supplement,” said senior research assistant NFI. “After all, it is the formulation that stability, delivery and bioavailability of the antioxidant and consequently—efficacy. Therefore it is extremely important that you always choose the most well-designed, FDA-approved supplements.”

About Nutrition Formulators

Nutrition Formulators is a Florida-based producer of nutrition products and supplements. Its production facility is in theU.S.and meets the stringiest criteria laid out by the FDA and other health agencies across the world. It has a team of experienced scientists and researchers on its payroll, whose job is to constantly push the boundaries of research and come up with the most useful nutraceutical products for their clients.