Researchers from Iowa State University have conducted a massive meta-analysis of all the studies published on supplements between 1967 and 2001. The focus of the analysis was to discover the link between muscle building, strength enhancement and supplements. The results published in the Journal of Applied Physiology clearly show that creatine and HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate) are most effective means of increasing muscle mass. While regular intake of creatine contributes to 0.36 percent increase in athletes, regular consumption of HMB brings about 0.28 percent increase. It came as a surprise when researchers found that DHEA, proteins, and chromium are less effective than creatine.


More Health Benefits of Creatine

The latest study will help allay any doubts critics had over creatine’s efficacy on lean mass enhancement.


Researchers have already found that creatine is also effective in:



Athletes across the world use creatine to enhance their performance. It is usually taken for short intervals in small amounts.


Parkinson’s disease

There is some evidence that people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from regular intake of creatine.



Ocular abnormalities, such as gyrate atrophy, can be allayed—if not cured—through regular consumption of creatine.


McArdle’s Disease

This is another name for muscle pain after exercise. Creatine lessens symptoms of McArdle’s disease in athletes.



The body produces all the creatine it needs through biochemical reactions. But sometimes, that is not enough. And when it happens, you need creatine-rich foods, such as meat and fish. Supplements can also help.


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