May 15, 2015. (Florida,USA). Global sales of omega-3 fatty acids amounted to $2.4 billion in 2014 and milk and spreadable oil remained its most popular delivery mediums. The strong sales figures suggest that people have maintained their trust in the fatty acids despite a strong negativity campaign competing industries.


“I have always believed that omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to stay in a good shape,” said Gustavo Graubard, the Vice President of International Sales with Nutrition Formulators, a Florida-based manufacturer of high-quality dietary supplements. “Those negativity campaigns did influence people for a short time, but eventually they realized that the scaremongering was empty and the benefits of supplements far outweigh any cons.”


France,Australia,Canada, and theU.S.remained the world’s top four buyers of omega-3 fatty acid supplements in 2014.


“We are a U.S.-based company. We manufacture here in theU.S.and the health of is very important to us,” added Gustavo Graubard. “We are positive that our loyal customers will not be persuaded by the false, negativity campaigns that are being spread around by some business interests.”


Moreover, trends in the market suggest that this growth will continue in 2015. More people will buy omega-3 fatty acid products and supplements this year than last.


“There could not be better news for the industry,” said Graubard. “We have delivered high-quality products and the results are before us—people trust us more than industry bashers who have no evidence to support their claims.”


About Nutrition Formulators

Nutrition Formulators is a nutraceutical products manufacturer inFlorida. Its production and research facilities produce world-class supplements that meet the most stringent criteria set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration inAmericaand similar agencies abroad.