Losing weight can be hard


For this reason, individuals often resort to all kinds of supplements to make things easier and become slimmer faster.


Green coffee bean pills are one of the most popular weight-loss supplements because of chlorogenic acid, a substance extracted from the beans of green coffee that helps people reduce the size of their waist.


Green coffee is so effective that the world’s most famous health expert, Dr. OZ, himself promoted it in 2012. But does this wonder-substance live up its fame? Let’s find out.


First things first: what is green coffee?


Unroasted beans. Coffee beans are green. They appear rather like bugs. Producers roast them brown before selling them. Though caffeine survives, the process of roasting kills chlorogenic acid, the most active antioxidant in coffee. It is for this reason that brown coffee is not as good for health as green coffee.


Green coffee bean capsules contain chlorogenic acid and caffeine. The second substance can boost metabolism between three percent and 11 percent. But it is the first substance, which makes pure green coffee pills so effective.


Chlorogenic acid reduces carbohydrate absorption in the digestive track, consequently lowering blood sugar and erratic changes in insulin. In studies on mice, chlorogenic acid made adiponectin, a fat-burning substance, more potent and reduced the rats’ weight.


In a randomized trial on humans, 30 people were divided into two groups. One group consumed green coffee bean extract over three months but the other did not. Members of the first group lost 11.9 pounds at the end of 12 weeks, while the average for the second group was merely 3.7 pounds.

Other studies have demonstrated more benefits.


After a review of a few of these studies, it can be safely concluded that green coffee bean extract helps in weight loss.