Seven out of 10 Americans are vitamin deficient. They are not getting as much vitamin from their food as they ought to. Many of them took supplements to make up for their lack of nutrients, without realizing that choosing any vitamin supplements is not good enough. They need to make the right choice. This blog is a rundown of two qualities to look for in a vitamin supplement before you buy it.

Start with a producer’s credentials

There are many, many nutraceuticals producers. Some produce vitamin supplements here in theU.S.while others’ production centers are based far away inAsia. In general, sellers with production units in the U.S. tend to produce better quality supplements because, generally speaking, they possess more certifications and are aware of the consequences if they lax on quality. Prefer to buy your vitamin supplements from someone with an inside the American borders.

More isn’t always better

This is a general misconception. A supplement that offers 10mg (let’s assume) of vitamin A per capsule is not necessarily better than a capsule that contains only 5mg (another assumption) of vitamin A. Looking at quality alone will not tell you much. It can mislead you and you may end up jeopardizing your health through an overdose. It is a better strategy to look at the manufacturing process, the quality of packaging, and testimonials as to what dose is right for you, consult your physician or look at the information on packaging.


Two qualities to look for before buying vitamin supplements are: the producer’s certifications and the quality of supplements which can be roughly gauged from packaging.