Packaging is the most important and glamorous part of the product’s life cycle in order to maintain product’s image and attract customers. Today, consumers have become more affluent, therefore packaging is considered as the mode of competition. Many companies spend more than the cost of the product on the packaging just to lure the consumers to buy the product. And practically many consumers actually judge the product by it packaging. Packaging should definitely be the 5th Major P of Marketing (product, price, place and promotion).  

Today, tremendous changes have been seen in packaging form ordinary technique of packaging to the customized and tailor made sizes, shapes and designs. The motive behind this change is to fulfill the marketing strategies and meeting the demands of the customers. Plethoras of new products are being introduced every year. How can your product compete not only with abundance of products but with the abundance of established brands? Of course the answer is “Packaging”.  Only the right packaging with right information rises above the competitive ground.

Just like other FMCG’s packaging, packaging of health supplements is equally important. The label on the package must contain supplement facts about the ingredients along with their nutritive value and comply with other FDA guidelines. The other additional information should be about how the product works (consumer incentive information) which will provide the consumer to make an educated decision over your rival products. Another packaging technique should be the leaflet that helps in making consumers more aware about the products, its benefits over health. This actually helps in building trust and credibility. Another advantage these leaflets provide is that these are very helpful as an advertising tool which is very beneficial in providing introduction for the other products in the line of your production. Another tool that should be used in health supplement packaging is providing health claims which in reality boosted up the sales of many products by 20%.

Having attractive packaging is important but quality should not be neglected either. No doubts packaging is the door to convert your first time buyers into loyal customers. It is one of the crucial steps that are often neglected in the business. Ask your self, would you buy something plain without any important information on it and not satisfying your needs? Or would you buy something that can make anyone drools?  

Do not forget that the packaging talks. It is the thing that actually makes marketing work. The major point to drill about packaging is – Why buy me? So before preparing packaging for your product, think from the prospect of a consumer. Think about all the aspects that you will consider before buying a product just by seeing its packaging.

Nutrition Formulators Inc. offers a variety of packaging options to meet virtually any need and appeal to virtually every target market. Our packaging options include:

  •     Bottles
  •     Blister Packs
  •     Jars
  •     Pouches
  •     Glass and Plastic Bottles
  •     Custom Packaging

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