Miramar, FL January 01, 2015: Scientists in the Research and Development Lab of Nutrition Formulators have discovered that eggshell membrane supplements (EMS) are effective in reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines in rats. This is the first time a team of researchers has successfully demonstrated that mitogen-challenged rats can be cured throughEMS. Previous studies in the field were limited to in vitro experiments.


Nutrition Formulators researchers, lead by the company’s product development manager, Yasser Verdecia, performed in vivo studies to quantify the effects of EMS on pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in rats. The amount of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in rats was evaluated before and after oral administration ofEMS. The results showed that rats, who consumedEMS, were healthier. The pro-inflammatory cytokines had been reduced significantly (88 percent) in some rats.


“The study is a scientific proof of the effectiveness of eggshell membrane supplements,” said lead researcher, Yasser Verdecia. “Previous studies were confined to test tubes. We are the first team [of researchers] in the world to have pushed the boundaries of science and taken the evaluation of the effectiveness of eggshell membrane supplements to a whole new level.”


In a follow-up study, the researchers administeredEMSto rats with severe inflammatory symptoms and later discovered that there was a severe reduction in symptoms.


“Eggshell membrane supplements work,” said Nutrition Formulators’ Customer Service Supervisor, William Vanegas. “There is science to back us and I will make sure that everyone learns about this exciting result because this research will go a long way to nudge those people into taking a decision who had been sitting on the fence over whether or not to take [eggshell membrane] supplements.”


There are plans to extend the research to study theEMS’ mechanism.


“We will not stop here,” said Verdecia. “The next mission is to figure out howEMSworks. Right now, that is the holy grail for us.”


The methodology and results of the research will be published shortly on the official website of Nutrition Formulators, where it will be accessible to everyone, ranging from customers to researchers.


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