Press Release: Miramar, FL (October 24, 2013) - With the increasing demand of more effective weight loss products, Nutrition Formulations has proven their ability to manufacturer quality weight loss products at an economic price; namely Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean.


Raspberry Ketones are the aromatic compounds found within the raspberries. These essential compounds can be considered to be a potent fat burning source; Products with such compounds can be considered a fat burner in a bottle which can melt-away the ugly visceral fat over a set of washboard abs while preventing future weight gain when combined with regular exercise and a nutritious diet. The main explanation behind its working is that the compound regulates Adiponectin, which is a protein in our body to regulate metabolism. The Raspberry Ketone breaks the cells from within more effectively helping the body to burn the fat faster.


Garcinia Cambogia is the extract from a small, yellow pumpkin-shaped fruit containing a compound called Hydroxycitric Acid. The HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia is dual action fat-blocker, which stops the liver from turning the carbohydrates and sugar into fat.


Green Coffee Bean is the un-roasted coffee beans, which contains a compound called Chlorogenic Acid. This acid is the key to weight loss as it signals the liver to burn the stored fat first and then slow down the processing of sugar in glucose.


“We are proud to specialize in the manufacturing of these weight loss products, for America’s leading health concern. These are innovative and effective supplements that can highly help to manage the weight,” Head of Formulations, Yasser V. added.



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