Los Angeles, California. June 5, 2015. Private label nutraceutical manufacturers are creating new opportunities for aspiringU.S. entrepreneurs to start their own reliable and profitable healthcare business with a small investment.


Healthcare is already a trillion-dollar industry. The supplements market alone is more than $32 billion and is poised to double to $60 billion within the next six years.


“Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy,” said Nutrition Formulators Continuous Improvement Coordinator and Project Manager, Hans Graubard. “Nutraceuticals are the most reliable, profitable, and least risky way to join it.”


Compared to pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical products in theU.S.remain moderately regulated. This is one reason Florida-based nutraceuticals manufacturer Nutrition Formulators is promoting them.


Another factor is cost. Private label nutraceuticals manufacturers have reduced the initial investment needed to start a business considerably.


Yet another thing that works in favor of private label nutraceuticals is short or non-existent drugs development times. Entrepreneurs can go from planning to saleable products in a matter of months; as opposed to years required for a pharmaceutical product.


“Jump into nutraceuticals,” said Nutrition Formulators Purchasing Manager, Dayana Perez. “Unless you have truckloads of money and Warren Buffet’s keen eye for spotting opportunities, it is extremely hard to break into pharmaceuticals. The development time alone will consume eight-ten years. You will miss out a lot if you do not take a decision now.”

About Nutrition Formulators

Nutrition Formulators is a nutraceutical products manufacturer inFlorida. Its production and research facilities produce world-class supplements that meet the most stringent criteria set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration inAmericaand similar agencies abroad.