MIRAMAR, FL, Jan. 27, 2014 — Pregnant women with low levels of vitamin E are twice as likely to miscarry than females who intake adequate amounts of this nutrient, finds a team of Nutrition Formulators researchers. A similar study, which involved more than a 1,000 women, has been published in the recent issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

“There is a vital link between the risk of miscarriage and the amount of vitamin E present in the body of a pregnant woman,” says Yasser Verdecia, the head of the research team and the Product Development Manager at Nutrition Formulators. “This study offers reliable evidence that women can put to use; this is something that cannot be said of all previous efforts.” 

Researchers measured alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol plasma levels in more than a thousand women inBangladesh, an impoverished country inSouth Asiawhere malnutrition remains a big problem. Seven out of 10 women (72.3 percent) were deficient in vitamin E. The concentration of vitamin E in them did not exceed 12 µmol/L and each of them was twice more likely to lose their pregnancy than a woman with normal levels of this nutrient. 

“We used alpha-tocopherol to measure vitamin E levels,” says Fernando Losada, a fellow researcher and the Nutrition Formulators Plant Manager. “Because according to theInstituteofMedicine, it accounts for vitamin E activity. We looked at gamma-tocopherol and saw the same results — higher concentrations translate into lower risk.” 

It is rare for governments to assess vitamin E in pregnant women. These findings show it is time governments should change their strategies and start looking at vitamin E levels as a way to promote healthful living among women during pregnancy. 

Vitamin E supplements can be helpful to counter low alpha-tocopherol levels in women,” said Gustavo Graubard, when he was informed of the study’s results. He is the Vice President of International Sales at Nutrition Formulators. “I think supplements can save the lives of those women and their children.” 

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