In the past few years, “antioxidant” has become a buzzword. One gets to hear it everyday from top nutritionists, health professionals, and trainers who never miss a chance to hide their excitement over this magical substance. Antioxidants, they say, play a vital role in maintaining the overall health. Yet, despite its ubiquity, few Americans know much about it. 

The situation is so bad that in a recent survey carried out by a dietary supplements manufacturer nine out of 10 respondents failed to accurately define what an antioxidant is. A worrying high proportion of them could not recognize even one major food source that is rich in antioxidants; though three-quarters of them thought they ate nutritional food everyday. Americans are not only underinformed but they have this illusion that they know everything they need to know.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules that protect body cells from the assault of free radicals, which are formed as a result of oxidation reactions perennially taking place in the body; radiation, smoke, and herbicides are their external sources. Free radicals react with living cells and either kill them or damage them. Extensive exposure to free radicals can cause an illness or premature aging. Antioxidants react with these health-jeopardizing substances and neutralize them before they can harm the cells, thus keep a person healthy.

What does science say?

Researchers have discovered a link between more than 100 diseases and low antioxidant count. The link is the most conspicuous when a person lives in a high free radical environment, which can be either a jam on a freeway or sitting next to a smoker.


Here are the most common health conditions, in which antioxidants are helpful:

  • Aging
  • Cancer
  • Macular degeneration
  • Lung diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • High cholesterol
  • Clot formation
  • Cataracts

To sum up

Antioxidants form a protective shield around cells when a person, who takes antioxidant supplements regularly, is in a high free radical environment. They protect him or her from cell damage and thus keep his or her skin in a good shape and prevent premature aging. 

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