Humans are living longer. Already 14.5 percent people in theU.S.are aged 65 or more. For these people, quality of life is a big concern.


In a study by Innova Market Research, for more than six out of 10 Americans maintaining normal activities is big priority and it is contributing to the growth an entire industry of health supplements and anti-ageing products, which is expanding faster than ever.


There are three reasons that have made maintain a youthful vigor such a priority for people in theU.S.

Maintain Youthful Vigor

Baby boomers want to go out, socialize, and partake in activities they were doing when they were younger. This demographic is looking ahead to a life without the aches and troubles that marred previous generations in old age.

Media and Societal Pressure

The pressure to stay and act like young does not merely come from inside. Media and society are pushing people to emulate celebrities’ looks. Neither media nor society are going away anywhere anytime soon so, experts think, a demand for organic supplements that can tighten skin, slow down cell damage, and suppress other signs of ageing will continue to be in demand.

Early Precautions

One expert goes as far as to suggest that the average age of a typical health supplements consumer will come down as people will seek ways to maintain their youth before they are old.


As long as these factors are in place, the demand for anti-ageing products is here to stay.