Natural health supplements have become all the way more popular today than ever. This is confirmed by data from vitamin manufacturers and other health supplement manufacturers. There are many reasons for this increased popularity of natural health supplements. Some of them have to do with the changed demographics of the rich world where a higher proportion of people are above the age of 65, while others have to do with biology.


The need for nutrients goes up as human’s age but few people eat more between five and seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Unsurprisingly as people grow older, the body starts to become more and more deficient in nutrients, especially vitamins. It has been reckoned that more than 50 genetic diseases are caused by errors in the DNA and at their cause is the dearth of vitamins. When the body doesn’t have an adequate amount of these nutrients diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, rage, bipolar syndrome, fibromyalgia, and depression raise their face.


But, as many question, can natural health supplements make up for a deficiency of essential nutrients? The short answer is, yes. Here’s how it happens.


When an enzyme is produced with a defective genetic code, it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. For instance, if an enzyme’s job is to bind with the vitamin it’ll not do so because of its genetic defect. As a result the body will suffer because it’s not getting the needed quantity of the vitamin. It’s in this situation that supplements come to rescue. They make flood the body with excess vitamins and as a consequence more enzymes come into contact with those excess vitamins and absorb more.


To sum up, the sales of vitamins and other natural health supplements is rising fast because they’re essential for modern Americans by the virtue of human biology.