Anyone who has peeled a hard-boiled egg is aware of the frustration that befalls the person peeling it. A thin, transparent layer covering the egg white holds the egg shell tenaciously. The force of the barely visit film is such that more than often a portion of egg white is pulled out as you try to separate the hard shell from the edible portion — egg white and yolk — of the egg. Though you may curse eggshell membrane, you cannot overlook its power.


Eggshell membrane is a mine of nutrients. It is rich in everything that your joints need to stay healthy. A regular consumption of this stuff can do wonders for the health of your joints; even when you are old and your physician has diagnosed you with osteoarthritis. All you have to do is to eat eggs everyday. As to how many of them are needed in your particular situation, your doctor is the best person to decide. At this point, all you need to know that it is more than you can comfortably include in your diet. Thankfully, there are eggshell membrane supplements.


Eggshell membrane supplements are nutraceutical products that contain several times the amount of eggshell membrane nutrients than an egg of equivalent weight. They are extremely rich in glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen; four scientifically recognized products that improve joint health. They contain everyday nutrients, such as proteins and vitamins. On top of all this, it is easier to include supplement in your diet than eat a dozen or more eggs a day.