Do you know which service is the right one for you and your company: private label manufacturing or contract manufacturing? Do you know the differences between them? To help you, we have put together a quick summary that explains each of the services and what they offer to you as a client.  

Private label manufacturing services

If you are looking for a pre-formulated, manufactured, packaged product that is ready to be sold, you should probably look at our private label manufacturing services. You select the product you like, and you are almost ready. Our marketing team will help you create a logo, labels, and packages for your product, or you can use your own designs. On account of this, when you are starting a new company, you may prefer private label services that will allow you to build your brand and expand your product portfolio quickly.

Contract manufacturing services

If you need a unique product, you may need to opt for a contract manufacturing solution. Many companies and established brands work with companies like NFI to manufacture unique products. These brands usually have a product recipe that has been internally designed and developed, but work with manufacturers, like us, because we can manufacture their products more efficiently. Therefore, the orders are usually larger.

Regardless of the service you request, Nutrition Formulators, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of product quality and customer service. Contact us today. We can help you.