It has been a long time since humans left Africa. Some of the habits that we picked up there are still with us.

Back in the jungles of Africa early humans were not assured of their daily food. They ate when they had a successful hunt, or found a game that had been killed by some other predator. Infrequent eating did not help much to improve their table manners. They wolfed down food when it was available. Extra food stayed in their bodies as fat. People had a protruding belly when there was ample food available. They grew lean when there was a dearth of food.

Modern man, at least in the developed world, does not have to worry about food. But remnants of that old age linger on. We still tend to eat a lot when there is plenty of food available. That is a plausible explanation of why there are so many overweight people in this country. Old habits die hard.

According to some estimates, two-thirds of Americans are fat. When there is more than required fat around belly, health conditions are bound to develop. There are three ways to stop accumulation of unnecessary fat on body.

Christianity has for long demonized gluttony. Its approach does not seem to have worked; as the sheer number of fat people in this country show. It is extremely hard, if not outright impossible for people to behave like an ascetic when there is a king-size hamburger in front of them.

Regular exercise is a second way to keep the waistline in check. Again, this is hard for most people. Those who are not scared to wake up early are beset by the high costs of working out in a gym.

A third alternative has been developed in the past few years to help people who want to lose fat, but cannot afford to join a gym or suddenly quit eating. It is called – fat burner supplements. These supplements contain natural fat burners. Their regular use helps users lose more than a few pounds without the hassle of regular exercise or the trouble of quitting their favorite food. The best thing about these supplements is that they are not expensive.

Here is a list of some of the best fat burner supplements that can help you get your desired figure.