Calcium is probably the most well-known nutrient. Its importance is instilled into us when we are still children. From parents to class teachers to television advertisements, they never seem to get tired of the importance of this compound for our bones. We grow up listening to all this and thinking calcium is very important for our health, which is not bad because calcium and vitamin D are indeed good for the health of our bones. Even though this societal emphasis on calcium makes Americans keen buyers of calcium bone and joint supplements, it has failed to rouse enough curiously on the ways through which we can make most of these supplements.

Before we get down to that, let’s answer a more fundamental question: Why do we need supplements? There is no dearth of calcium-rich foods. Oatmeal, cereals, juices, and above all, milk are rich in this compound. Individuals still go for calcium supplements because those around them have been constantly telling them that their bodies are not getting sufficient amounts of this chemical. It is not an urban myth. A few experts consent that most people are not getting enough calcium through food. That leaves calcium supplements. Individuals go for them to make up for deficiencies that food cannot provide. But taking a lot of calcium supplements may not do the trick. The problem goes deeper.

Body needs help from other chemicals to absorb calcium. The most important chemical that helps calcium absorption is vitamin D. If there is an insufficient amount of vitamin D in body, calcium supplement cannot function well. The key to improve efficiency of calcium supplements lies in providing body with enough vitamin D.

There are two ways to do it. Individuals can go ahead and include more vitamin D rich foods in their diets. Or, they can take vitamin D supplements along with calcium supplements. Egg yolks, beef, fish, and cheese are rich in this vitamin. They tend to complement each other, and together they have more benefits than each of them alone.

If you are taking calcium supplements, it is smart to include vitamin D in your diet. That will make supplements work more effectively.