Miramar, FL — Oct. 28, 2014 — Nutrition Formulators is producing weight loss supplements that can lower obesity levels in theU.S. One in three Americans is obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Amino acids, 7-keto DHEA, omega-3 fatty acids, and more than 20 other Nutrition Formulators products provide 78.6 million people inAmerica a safer, effective, and faster way to get rid of obesity and live a healthier life.

“It’s when you read CDC’s data that you realize that 34.9 percent Americans are overweight,” said the Product Development Manager at Nutrition Formulators, Yasser Verdecia. “In the 21st century, obesity is affectingAmericaunlike any other epidemic. In the long run people with an unhealthy body-mass index are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and other illnesses.  It’s time we take an action. It’s time to declare war on obesity and create a nation of healthy people. We manufacture products that can do just that.”

Nutrition Formulators’ products are made inFloridafollowing the guidelines prescribed in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manual. Each product undergoes numerous quality checks and clinical trials before its declared safe for sale.

“It’s not for no reason that we’ve have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Quality Certificate Services (QCS) to manufacture and sell weight-loss dietary supplements,” added Verdecia. “We stress on quality and safety. Each of our products does what it’s advertised to do. And each of our products is safe for as long as a user is following the guidelines printed on the product or in the technical manual that comes with the product.”

A complete list of the main ingredients used in the Nutrition Formulators’ products is found here: https://www.nutritionformulators.com/ingredients?limit=all.


About Nutrition Formulators

Nutrition Formulators is a dietary supplements manufacturer in Florida. It is certified by the FDA, GMC, QCS, and other watchdog agencies to produce quality products that meet the most stringent safety standards anywhere in the world. The supplements are made in the U.S.and shipped from our Floridawarehouse to other states and countries. A team of highly educated and experienced personnel keeps an eye on every stage of manufacturing to make products that make people’s lives better. More information about our company can be found on our website. Please refer to this link (https://www.nutritionformulators.com/about-us) to read more about us.