Olive oil is famous for the role it plays in the diet of the Mediterranean people. The oil contains many compounds that are good for the health. It has been demonstrated many times. The people in the Mediterranean live longer and live healthy lives. These compounds include, oleic acid and phenolic substances. Together, these compounds have been shown to reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Olive oil types

There are several types of olive oil available in market. The key difference between them is their processing. The type with the highest quality is the virgin oil. No chemicals or excessive heat is used during the making of this oil. It is produced through an elementary mechanical process, which safeguards all the good qualities of the oil.

Those with an authority on the subject have repeated it several times that the extra virgin oil should be preferable because its production spares many anti-oxidants and other health-promoting compounds.

Virgin olive oil is more acidic and more suitable to the tongue, but it has a lower amount of prohealth compounds. Other categories of olive oil are “light” and “extra light.”

How to detect olive oil?

Most of the olive oil that is promoted to the US is adulterated. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the bottle with the tag “extra virgin” is really of the highest quality. According to a research dietian, it is important to make sure the olive oil you are paying for is not some vegetable oil that merely takes like olive oil.

The task is hard, but not impossible. A lack of a uniform standard from the USDA exacerbates the problem. Yet, the situation is not hopeless because there exist laws in some states. California Olive Oil Council, North American Olive Oil Seal, and Designation of Origin certifications are a few authorities that prescribe standards. Buyers can also look for other marks of quality, such as dark bottles (olive oil degrades in light bottles) and harvest date (buying as close to the date of harvest, as possible).

The use of olive oil is healthy for health. The key is to use high quality oils.