“Lose 20 pounds in one month.” “Enhance your memory with this super pill.” “This solution gives you the muscles you have always desired.”

A lot of us have heard, watched, or read these preposterous claims. A few of us have even paid for a 30-day trial because we believed in their magical powers. Supernatural forces did not help us. The pills did not work. The solutions failed at what they had promised. We were disappointed.

Many of those manufacturers went on to focus on other innocent targets. As for us, we have left all hope because the actions of a few have given a whole industry a bad name.

The federal government does not place supplements in the same category as prescriptions. It is not mandatory to take approval of federal and state agencies to sell supplements. Relaxed norms have their advantages and disadvantages.

An innovator or company can experiment with new concepts without being burdened. At the same time quacks and fraudulent organizations can sell water; claiming it to have magical properties.

It is an oversimplified picture. But it pretty much gives you an idea of how things work in the supplement industry; especially when it comes to organic supplements.

Organic supplements have health benefits. The trouble lies in separating the chaff from wheat – locating those reputed and recognized nutritional supplement manufacturers whose products will work.

In the absence of strict federal regulations, the whole supplement world may appear to be little more than sheer chaos. It is not true. There are ways to find it yourself if a particular supplement works.

An easy way to do this is to have a look at the list of ingredients. If you do not yet have the product, you can try the manufacturer's website or contact them. Once you have the list, lookup the ingredients in the Dietary Supplements Labels Database.

You will find information there on what an ingredient is capable of doing. If there is something you cannot figure out for yourself, consult your pharmacist or doctor. They shall be pleased to help you.

Based on this data, you can decide for yourself if the manufacturer is lying, and if the supplement will really benefit you.