L-glutamine is an amino acid found within bones, muscles and blood; In fact, it is the most common amino acid within the skeletal tissue. Although energetic workouts are highly recommended in order to achieve better results and to stay fit, they could lead to a drop in plasma glutamine levels and impair the immune function. Consuming L-glutamine, however, could help not only prevent these post-workout consequences, but also improve both the long and short term benefits of working out. Research has shown that L-glutamine helps build muscle by helping with protein synthesis - By maintaining cell volume and hydration while increasing the body’s levels of Human Growth Hormone that leads to an increase in metabolism – resulting in more fat cells burnt off!

Nonetheless, L-glutamate in not only helpful for repairing the body after a tough workout, it may also aid in many different aspects of human health. For example, scientific research shows that consuming L-Glutamine as apart of a nutrition regimen can boost the immune system since glutamine acts as both an energy source and repair mechanism for the immune system! It may also improve gastrointestinal health since studies have shown that glutamine helps in the healing of ulcers. Moreover, studies are showing that glutamine may even be able to help with improving the mind as it may increase brain function by helping the brain pass on information, improve recollection, attentiveness and concentration. And last, but not least, L-glutamine may regulate blood sugar and even decrease alcohol and sugar cravings.

Athletes and healthy individuals who seek a healthier lifestyle through intensive exercising and dieting may find that taking L-glutamine may yield great benefit and further improve results. You could help your clients obtain a high quality product through our private label services.

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