How is it that the French, who eat more fatty, calorie-dense foods than most other nations, have so few incidents of heart disease? It is known as the French Paradox and it is a topic that researchers have conducted a number of studies in order to solve, however, the secret remains elusive.

Although studies have been inconclusive, researchers believe they know why this phenomenon takes place and have pointed towards a substance that runs across the dietary habits of those who live in the Gaul region (corresponding roughly to modern-day France and Belgium), which may hold the key to finally solving this mystery.

When you’re at your next date or dinner meeting, if someone who is in your party lifts a glass of wine and toasts to your health, thank that person. Research suggests that a substance in ‘red wine’ may be the mysterious substance that has kept the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases within the country of France relatively low.

Doctors have still not figured out the mechanism underlying the positive effects of red wine on the body, yet they agree that a moderate amount of wine is beneficial towards ones health. They attribute the good effects of the wine to two substances – flavonoids and resveratrol. Of these two, resveratrol has been receiving the majority of the attention – And credit! A number of studies have been conducted to explore the relation between a long, healthy life and this naturally occurring antioxidant.

The results of these studies have been encouraging. It has been found that resveratrol positively impacts longevity, helps patients diagnosed with cancer, inflammation, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

More research into the health benefits of resveratrol will surely reveal more benefits.

Resveratrol is found in more than 70 species of plants; with grapes, cranberries, and peanuts being of the most potently rich with the antioxidant. It has been speculated that red wine is the healthier of the alcoholic beverages and beneficial towards health because of resveratrol-rich grapes.

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