The summer is here. There is an upsurge in the number of articles on websites and print media on slimming. Television shows are talking about how to get slimmer. There is so much information on how to reduce that bear tummy, that is sounds rather incredulous that one-third of Americans are overweight. What is wrong?

Either people are not heeding to the wealth of advice surrounding them. Or, they are not there is an abundance of misinformation.

It is probably a combination of both. There is a wealth of misinformation and a lot of people are not heeding to genuine advice. This Blog intends to remedy the first malaise. It busts three popular dieting myths. These myths do little to slim your belly. Stop using these ineffective techniques and you will begin to notice a difference:

Three popular dieting myths

  • Do not eat late at night

There is no law that says that you should not eat at night. Science has never said that if you eat food after a certain hour, it will accumulate in your body. People are different. Their schedules are different. Bad eating habits between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. do not help to reduce weight. The key is not to limit the hours during which you can eat. Instead, focus on maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Emphasize on water, let food take the second place.

When you feel hungry, make sure that the hunger is real and it is not an emotional craving. A quick way to tell apart emotional hunger is to drink water. If it goes away, it was not real hunger in the first place. True hunger starts between three and five hours of a meal. It is often accompanied by a growling belly and a sense of compulsion. Keep snacks handy, but eat them only when the hunger is real.

  • Do not eat this, or that food.

Unless you are allergic to a food, there is not one reason why you should limit your diet to certain foods. Turning a food or a group of foods, into villain does not help you. All of them are necessary for a healthy diet. Instead of limiting your access to some foods, you should focus on consuming a healthy diet in moderate amounts.

You can get slimmer even if you eat at night and consume your favourite foods. The key is to eat moderately.