Many of the most successful brands in the market do not manufacture their products in-house; Instead, they sell products developed by private label manufacturers. These private label manufacturers usually have modern, state of the art facilities and an experienced team that enable them to create innovative products for their clients; But not all private label manufacturers are cut from the same cloth.

In summary, private label vitamins and supplements are pre-manufactured by companies, like Nutrition Formulators, Inc., but branded and sold by other companies because it is a profitable exchange for both parties. Brands can sell high quality products without experiencing the high business expenses related to manufacturing their own customized products. Private label manufacturers can focus on their strengths and continue innovating and manufacturing vitamins, supplements, and other products.

Private label vitamins offer several benefits to both brands and companies, and since Nutrition Formulators Inc. creates the best quality products at an economic rate, partners and clients of Nutrition Formulators can expect their product to be manufactured using strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). For example, established companies can quickly expand their product lines while minimizing costs and maintaining some degree of flexibility that in-house manufacturing would not allow. For this same reason, private label manufacturing is an inexpensive way to start a brand. Even if you don’t currently have a well-established brand, you could offer and sell private label vitamins and test the market, limiting the risk to which both you and your company are exposed.

At NFI, we have experts working on and developing high-quality vitamins and supplements for our clients. Every day, we strive to manufacture products and provide services that our clients, and their clients, deserve. If you are ready to expand your product line or start building a new brand, contact us today. We can help you choose the right private label vitamins and solutions for you!