Creams and Moisturizers



Here at Nutrition Formulators, we have been persistently working toward developing a full, new line of body creams and moisturizers, which we are finally ready to release! With products such as innovative body lotions, facial cleansers, cellulite creams and more, we can now provide the full line of superior quality creams, moisturizers and skin toners that you seek and deserve.

We at Nutrition Formulators know that the importance of “outer health” is just as important as that of “inner health.” Our experts have diligently studied the current cosmetics market and discovered which products are selling fast in this multi-billion dollar industry. With our experts continuously trying to find out how to give you the edge over the market competition, we at Nutrition Formulators guarantee that these products provide exactly what you need.

  • Improves Skin Tone and Quality
  • Helps Remove Wrinkles
  • Sun Protection Formulas