The purpose of this page is to provide information on the history of Nutrition Formulators, name the quality assurance certificates it possesses, and introduce the company team to readers. This webpage links to five pages. Here is a summary of what each of them describes in detail:

  • History - This is a short history of the company, from its inception to the present. It contains a bullet list of those critical moments which have shaped and defined Nutrition Formulators. 
  • Capabilities - It is an overview of the facilities, certifications and accreditations, and production capacity of the firm. There is also a mention of the types (capsules, powders, emulsions, and others) of drugs that can be produced at these facilities.
  • Quality assurance - This is a gallery of the many quality certifications won by Nutrition Formulators. It lists certificates from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NSF, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and others. 
  • International standards - Here is information on the international standards that Nutrition Formulators has adopted. Compliance with these standards is essential for working with international clients.
  • Team - This page is an introduction to the Nutrition Formulators’ team. Here are listed the names of department heads.