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The Developments section has been created to provide the latest information on company and industry related news. It has been divided into six sections. Here is a brief overview of what each section deals in:

  • Environmental commitment - This section reiterates the firm commitment of Nutrition Formulators to cut down on waste and adopt earth-friendly business practices. It provides latest information on what the company is doing to keep the planet safe for future generations.
  • NFI in the news - This is the official company Blog. Here are reported the latest company related news - induction of new practices, new hires, big contracts, and a lot more.
  • In the news - This section provides an overview of the latest medical news, with an obvious emphasis on latest supplements news.
  • Clinical studies - This page provides information on informative clinical studies. These studies form the scientific backbone of supplement usage; providing concrete proof on why supplements are beneficial for health.
  • Our laboratories - This section contains a wealth of information on Nutrition Formulators laboratories. Readers can find what laboratories the company has, what goes in those places, and how they are important to the maintenance of quality.
  • What’s new - Here is provided information on the latest products that are now available in the Nutrition Formulators’ online store.