Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Nutrition Formulators emphasises sustainability and environmental protection. It is in favour of business practices that do not harm the planet and it strives to adopt these practices into its business model. 

Earth on Leaf

The company has decided to use the Six Sigma and Lean Production model, which emphasises top notch customer service, high quality products, and environment protection. Nutrition Formulators plans to be a more efficient - environmentally and economically - corporation through this model.

New Developments page contains information on what measures the company is taking in the fulfilment of this aim. 


  • There is a minimal use of water during cleaning of the equipment. Dry-spray cleaning is preferred.
  • Water is thoroughly cleaned at in-house facilities before its release into the environment.


  • Boxes are reused and recycled.
  • Boxes made from recycled materials are preferred.
  • Paper used in marketing and communications is used sustainably.
  • Shipping containers are made from recycled papers.


  • Nutrition Formulators does not use bisphenol-a plastics.
  • High density polyethylene and other recyclable plastics are preferred.


  • Energy efficient lights are used.
  • Computers are powered off when they are not in use.

One Goal. One World. Minimizing our global footprint while increasing while increasing efficency.

Nutrition Formulators helps people live healthier lives, while reducing its carbon footprint. Consequently, it is constantly taking proactive measure to benefit communities worldwide in the spheres of health and environment.