Chitosan is a fiber. It is found in the shells of crustaceans. Most crustaceans are sea animals. Shrimps, clams, and lobsters are well known examples of crustaceans.

Chitosan has several health benefits. It is not found in foods. The people who take this fiber use chitosan supplements.

Here is a summary of the health benefits of chitosan:

(a) Chitosan for weight loss

Chitosan sticks to fat in gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines) tracts. The human body cannot digest fibers. It pushes them out. Chitosan takes fat along with it when it is pushed out. For this reason, there is a colloquial name for chitosan - “fat trapper.” Researchers are exploring the exact mechanism in which chitosan helps overweight individuals.

(b) Cholesterol

Research exploring the effects of chitosan on cholesterol levels has shown that the fiber is helpful in bringing down amounts of total cholesterol in the body. Scientists are looking into whether this quality can be used in medical treatments.

More benefits of chitosan

There has been few researches into the effects of chitosan on other medical conditions. Early evidence suggests that this fiber is helpful in the treatment of:

. Dental cavities
. Anemia due to malfunctioning kidneys
. Crohn’s disease
. Periodontitis (a disease that affects teeth-supporting tissues)
. Care after plastic surgeries


Chitosan supplements are the only source of this fiber. Nutrition Formulators has chitosan supplements for people of all ages.

Features Below here:

  1. Increased Weight Loss
  2. Decreased Cholesterol
  3. Increased Energy Level
  4. Decreased Blood Pressure

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