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 private label

Private Label

Nutrition Formulators utilizes only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that your customers see and feel the results so that they will not just use your product, but they will make it apart of their lifestyle.

Nutrition Formulators' Private Label provides logo design, label design, and custom packaging services in order to ensure that your customer's sway towards your product over the competition's. These services are available for all of your desired delivery methods, including but not limited to tablets, capsules, sprays, powders, mints and skincare creams.

Your products will be packaged, designed, and labelled by professionals, who have experience in both years and successful brand launches behind them. NFI uses the latest software and marketing trends to come up with the most sellable, yet professional, designs that make a supplement stand out from the crowd.

High standard practices are the norm at Nutrition Formulators, where only the top notch quality materials are used, even in label production.

Nutrition Formulators has a proven track record of excellent client service and efficient production procedures that combines Lean Six Sigma and ISO Principles in order to ensure that only Value Added process steps apart of our processes.

The company emphasizes quality and timely service as a value-added principle.

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