We at Nutrition Formulators re very proud of the services we provide for a simple reason: We love what we do! And what we do is ensure that the end user is satisfied with the product. How does that relate to you being our client? Quite simple. If the end user is happy with your product, then we know you will be content with our service.

In order to give the end-user the highest possible satisfaction, we will provide you with value-added consultation while aligning with strategic suppliers, research institutions, laboratories, packaging label and design manufactures, and organizations who want to see product soar in this competitive industry. Our team is also proud to provides post-manufacture services such as branding, label design, website/SEO/Ecommerce consultation and strategic consultation.

Here are some services provided by Nutrition Formulators:

  • Private label
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Turnkey customer service
  • Strategic alliance