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This page is an overview of the Nutrition Formulators facility: 


The 45,000 square feet facility is the home of machines and warehouses. Raw materials are stored here, products are manufactured here, and laboratories and offices are situated here.

The spacious facility is comfortable and it makes it easier for inspector`s and quality assurance personnel to witness each step of the process - from procurement of raw materials to packaging.



The laboratory consists of high tech equipment, that research need, to convert a formula into a commercial product through an efficient process. Researchers working in the laboratory carry several years of experience in their fields.



Manufacturing takes place in twenty spacious rooms. The manufacturing facility houses three bottling lines. There are temperature controlled clean rooms. There is differential air pressure capability available - which is crucial for the production of some supplements.



The bottling and labelling processes are automated. They speed up packaging and make it more efficient. A use of machines ensures uniform quality. 



The warehouses for raw materials are temperature controlled. Finished products are stored in similarly high tech warehouses. This avoid spoilage.